Scotchguard Trikot

Coats Faden


Our products represent the highest quality in materials, design and workmanship. Impressive is the very high fastness and brilliance of the colors and their durability.

There are no washing out and fading, no matter how often worn or washed. From the grip of the jerseys you will be impressed, the colors placed by sublimation ink, you
hardly can notice.

Before shipment the products be checked very carefully in our quality control.


  • 2 years warranty

    We are coninced from the quality of our products, so we can give you a 2-year warranty against washes out of colors and for maintaining the dimensional stability.

  • Colors & Images

    Photos can be displayed razor sharp. There is no limit to the number of colors, it is even possible gradients.

  • Double Seams

    Double seams

    Double and sealed seams give the shirt shape stability for a perfect fit. Durable for long life.

  • thermo sublimation print


    Using a special digital printing method and a transfer press the colors can be transmitted in a temperature range of about 200 degrees Celsius in the tissue.